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On Safety

Baby Equipment Safety

  1. Wall hangings should never be put over the crib. If your child pulls it down, nails or glass could fall into the crib.
  2. Mobiles should be removed when your child is 5-7 months.
  3. The space between crib bars should be no more than 2 3/8 inches. On any side, you should be able to put only two fingers between the mattress and crib frame.
  4. Cribs should have no knobs or posts that stick up more than a half of an inch. Babies may catch their clothes on knobs and choke.
  5. Try not to use older cribs that have been repainted. Many of the older paints contained lead, which can cause serious nerve and brain damage. The paint on these items can be tested with a lead test kit.
  6. Make sure the crib you purchase has not been recalled.
  7. Do not hang toys in the crib. Babies can get tangled.
  8. Locate the crib away from windows. Breaking glass and hanging cords from window dressings are dangerous to infants.
  9. Keep cribs away from electric outlets. Even if outlets are covered.
  10. Check often for loose nuts and bolts on cribs.
  11. Playpen mesh should have holes less than 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch.
  12. If you use a walker never let the child out of your sight. We recommend that you do not use walkers. Walkers are generally considered unsafe. Stairs are an extreme hazard where walkers are concerned.
  13. Keep high chair far enough away from the wall, table or counters to prevent the child from pushing it over.