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On Safety

Some Key Tips on Safety Seriousness in the Home

  1. Unstable furniture or lamps should be removed, mounted to the wall or blocked off so that your child cannot tip them.
  2. Hanging cords from answering machines, telephones, lamps and appliances are a strangulation hazard and should be kept out of reach of your child.
  3. Keep VCR's out of reach of babies and young children. Keep a tape in the VCR to prevent little hands from getting inside.
  4. Cords to blinds should be lifted high out of reach of your child.
  5. Pet doors should be blocked off so your baby does not go through them.
  6. Do not use tablecloths, they can be pulled down and everything on top can fall onto your child.
  7. A baby must never be unattended anywhere - even for just one minute.
  8. Your garage must be off limits to children.
  9. Do not use tacks or staples to secure electrical cords to walls.
  10. Have all emergency numbers posted by the telephone.
  11. Cover all used or unused electric outlets that are accessible.
  12. Knives, tools, pencils and other sharp objects (this includes boxes with serrated edges like plastic wraps) should be locked away or out of reach.
  13. Keep plastic bags out of children's reach.
  14. Make sure furniture is in good repair and with no sharp corners.
  15. Keep walkways and stairwells clear of objects, cords or rugs that could cause tripping.
  16. No containers of water should be left accessible to young children (this includes the potty; all toilets should be equipped with a potty lock).
  17. Remove two piece door stopper. They pose a potential choking hazard.
  18. Keep bedroom doors closed while sleeping.
  19. If children sleep in another room, use a monitor to listen for them.
  20. If you have a garbage disposal, use a switch blocker to prevent a child from turning it on.
  21. Keep wastebaskets covered with childproof lids or put them out of reach.
  22. Check china cabinet for stability, most furniture taller than wide poses a tumbling hazard. Use mounting brackets to attach it to the wall.
  23. Remove table with glass tops or inserts until children are older.
  24. Before bathing your baby, gather all the items you will need and place them within your reach so you are not tempted to leave the child and retrieve something. If you forget something, take your child with you to get it, even if he/she is dripping wet. Never take your hands off a baby during a bath. Never leave a baby unattended during bath time. The USCPSC has many reports on file of deaths associated with bath rings which have failed. To learn more contact the USCPSC.
  25. Never leave your child alone in wading or swimming pool, pail of water, toilet of any other body of water.
  26. As soon as feasible, teach your child 911, their home area code, phone number, address and your work number.
  27. If possible, teach them a few phone numbers such as close friend or relative.
  28. Use safety gates to keep children out of the kitchen while cooking.
  29. Wrap used razor blades/sharp objects in paper towel before disposing of them.
  30. Keep small objects like coins, small doll shoes, marbles and paper clips picked up and out of sight.
  31. Never give a balloon to a child under three. There have been numerous cases of children choking on balloons.
  32. Put away all small objects.
  33. Acquire a small object tester.
  34. When cooking, all pot handles should be turned in so your baby does not reach up and pull them. If possible, use back burners.
  35. Never carry your child and hot items at the same time.
  36. Never carry your child while cooking inside or out.
  37. Do not use the microwave to heat baby formula.
  38. Place hot foods in the center of the table to prevent children from pulling them off onto themselves.
  39. Turn your hot water down below 120 degrees to prevent scalding. A candy thermometer can be used to check the temperature of your water. If the water is too hot, it can be turned down at the water heater or Scald safe Devices can be installed.